About HP

My purpose…

Growing up as an only girl with three brothers had its fun times and challenges. There was no adjusting the bar because I was a female or because I deemed some of the tasks too daunting. It was my parents’ way of preparing me for the “real” world.

Over the years, I’ve experienced struggles, failures, and disappointments that shook my world and had me questioning my purpose in life. It was at those times that I realized the power of the spoken word and the renewal that can take place when the right persons come along and walk you through the process of healing and transformation.

I had been the encourager and “sounding board” to many of my friends over the years. However, it was not until I needed the same counsel that I realized how truly important it is to speak life and hope to others. With God’s help and through the love, concern, and honesty of those who walked with me through the process, I was able to face the challenges with hope and confidence. It’s why I’m still here today.

In pursuit of excellence in my gift, I have earned masters degrees in education and divinity from Johns Hopkins University and Regent University, respectively. I also earned a diploma from Oxford University, London, England, in religion and politics. I’m an accomplished author of two books, contributing author of two, and have written a few articles in magazines and newsletters, as well. I’ve received several academic awards, acknowledgments for work in my community, member of Phi Delta Kappa (an international professional educators association), and I’ve founded a non-profit organization, iLove Now, to promote love in our communities.

My passion in life is encouraging and educating others to be their authentic self and to accomplish extraordinary things that bring joy and fulfillment to their lives. My life experience and my practice as a speaker, teacher, author, entrepreneur, life skills coach, pastor, and friend make me the best at what I do: empower.

I travel within the United States and overseas as keynoter to give empowering speeches, and to deliver messages of hope and love to various audiences. I’ve been a guest on Radio One stations: 1010FM WOLB and 1340FM WYCB, and NPR Radio 88.9FM WEAA. I also conduct a weekly empowerment session, Monday Morning Empowerment, on Facebook Live, YouTube, and GospeLive 365FM, and have appeared several times on CarethaTV.

I truly enjoy what I do, and I look forward to opportunities to impact lives through my speeches, presentations, literary works, and relationships.