I’ve had the honor of speaking and presenting at secular and religious venues for over 25 plus years. Here are a few endorsements:

“Hewlette Pearson is a transformative and dynamic speaker whose passion and energy brings the room to life. Her deep conviction and engaging style brands her as the quintessential speaker of the 21st century.  Frankly, I wish I had the time to travel so I could hear her all the time.”  -Devon A. Blackwood, President & CEO, B.W. Associates, Author, Speaker & Talk Show Host

“Ms. Hewlette Pearson has not only been able to work with my clients, but she has made everlasting impacts on them. When working with customers who are homeless, they may have a sense of hopelessness, but she has motivated them to think past their current situation and understand how they can take control of their lives and be proactive instead of just being reactive.” –Camille McKenzie, CEO, The Care Organization

“Hewlette has motivated and empowered groups as well as individuals all over the nation and abroad. Her love for people, in my opinion, makes doing what she does a natural. She has inspired me through the many conferences and seminars where I was in attendance. It doesn’t matter who you are, Hewlette will embrace your needs even if it’s just with a smile.”  -Winston Maxwell, Pastor, Open Arms Ministries

“If you ever need to be inspired, encouraged and moved to action, Hewlette Pearson is the speaker for you. This gifted and anointed Pastor, Author and Liturgical Dancer undoubtedly has a calling on her life to impact, uproot, and transform lives.” –Elaine Hutchinson, Director, Divine Revelation Entertainment & Educational Services, Inc.

“When subjected to a teacher, preacher, or motivational speaker, most people and quite likely everyone want practical and relevant information that is packaged and presented in a form that will hold their attention, entertain them, and incite advanced thinking and positive behavior change. Hewlette Pearson’s vocal ministry (teaching and preaching) is, without doubt, based in the Word of God, and is underlined with humor and pertinent and current life references. Once you hear her, you won’t forget her, and you will want more.” -Rosemarie Downer, Ph.D., Social Science Researcher; Founder, BRYDGES