Why HP

There is no greater fulfillment for me than to help motivate and empower others to be their best and to reach their highest potential in life.

For over 18 years, I’ve taught what I know and learned to audiences in both the Christian and secular arenas. As a keynote speaker and workshop presenter, I have empowered leaders, teachers, business owners, clergy, church members, at-risk populations, and students. I am an articulate, passionate and motivated speaker who uses occasional humor to captivate audiences and challenge them to their next level.

I come with the tools and experience to help move your company, church or group in the desired direction. I do so by offering transformational workshops, seminars, and keynote speaking to aid in personal and professional development and spiritual growth.

Some of my workshop/speaking topics include:

* Get Up and Get Going!

* The Value of Me

* Conflict? No Problem!

* Lead Like Jesus

* Connect to Your Passion

* Forgiving Without Strings

* The Art of Leadership

* Dealing With Frustration

* Three Strikes and You’re…Still In!

* The Next Step of Vision

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